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Welcome to Valley Press, home of independent publishing in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, since 2008. For the latest news, offers, events and calls for submissions, sign up to our very occasional email newsletter:
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L A T E S T   B O O K

20th March 2015
Surely a contender for the most
unusual novel title of the year, our
latest publication is a work of
'unabashed literary fiction', set on the
Upper West Side in the 1980s. You
can read the prologue and find out
about the Edinburgh launch here.
Grandmother Divided by Monkey Equals Outer Space
Grandmother Divided by Monkey Equals Outer Space
© 2014 Valley Press   |    Bridge illustration by Jeremy Hopes
R E C E N T   B O O K

6th March 2015
Seahouses is the first collection of
poetry from cultural historian
Richard Barnett. Those familiar with
Barnett’s non-fiction will be
unsurprised to discover he is also
a formidable poet; read a sample and
more on the book's homepage now.
Set sail for Seahouses, our latest poetry debut
R E C E N T   B O O K S

1st November 2014
First published in 2012, John
Wedgwood Clarke's Sea Swim and
James Nash's Some Things Matter: 63
Sonnets are two of the most popular
Valley Press titles - so in 2014 we
brought them out again, with new
material. Click the links to read more.
New editions of VP classics,
by Clarke and Nash
New editions
R E C E N T   B O O K
23rd January 2015
Six years in the making, All is the
second collection of new work from
the popular Canadian-born writer.
You can read a sample on the book's
homepage now, and meet the book
(and author) at The Orangery,
Wakefield, 29th March, from 2pm.
Introducing All: new poetry from Robert Powell
R E C E N T   B O O K

21st November 2014
With an RRP of just £3.99, our latest
anthology is a small book, at a small
price, with big ambitions. Edited by
VP author Felix Hodcroft, the book
features poets aged 16 to 92, known
and unknown, from North and East
Yorkshire. (Read more)
A Pocketful of Windows: 66
poems on 66 pages by 36 poets
A Pocketful of Windows
R E C E N T   B O O K

1st December 2014
We're pleased to announce a new
title from our 'Ink Lines' imprint; the
third pamphlet by highly renowned
young poet Richard O'Brien - 'one of
the strongest poets of his generation'
according to Andrew McMillan. Find
out more about the book here.
Richard O'Brien's new
pamphlet is A Bloody Mess
A Bloody Mess