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R E C E N T   B O O K
10th November 2015
VP poets James Nash and Matthew
Hedley Stoppard have spent the last
two years researching Leeds’s
cinematic heritage, and writing
poetry on (and around) that subject.
The resulting book Cinema Stories is
out now – all details here.
A poetic tribute to the
cinemas of Leeds
Cinema Stories
R E C E N T   B O O K
19th November 2015
Sequel to 2012's Winston and Me,
Mark Woodburn's new novel sees
Jamie Melville and Winston Churchill
reunited in 1942, with no less than
the fate of the world at stake. Read
about the book here, and join us for
the Edinburgh launch on 8th Dec.
The Finest Years and Me:
new historical fiction
The Finest Years and Me
L A T E S T   B O O K
30th November 2015
The 'learned goose' was a touring
sensation in the 18th century – now immortalised (along with dozens of
other extraordinary characters) in Jo Brandon's skilful and passionate first
collection of poetry. Launch event
soon in Leeds; read more here.
Roll up, roll up: time to meet The Learned Goose!
The Learned Goose
R E C E N T   N E W S
24th September 2015
Breaking news: VP will recieve £50k
in Arts Council funding between today
and May 2017. You can read the full
details of the grant, plus the story of
how it happened, in a blog post from
VP founder Jamie McGarry here, and
an article by The Bookseller here.
Valley Press awarded
£50,000 Arts Council grant
Arts Council news
R E C E N T   B O O K
17th September 2015
Tom Preston's extraordinary story of
cancer and survival, written in the
second person, has been hotly tipped
as a bestseller for autumn 2015. You
can read a sample and reviews on the
book's homepage now, and a Sunday
Times interview with Tom here.
Innovative cancer memoir
The Boy in the Mirror
The Boy in the Mirror
R E C E N T   B O O K
6th November 2015
An English teacher in York for thirty
years, David Hughes was also an
accomplished poet. This month, a
generous number of his poems,
selected and edited by Antony Dunn,
were published in the first Valley
Press hardback. Full details here.
Ex Libris: poems 'saved from
oblivion by an act of love'
Ex Libris