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R E C E N T   R E V I E W

11th July 2015
William Boyd named Nora Chassler's
latest novel, set on the Upper
West Side in the 1980s, as one of his
'Best Holiday Reads for 2015' in The
Guardian this month. Find out
what else he had to say about it, and
read the book's prologue here.
Grandmother Divided by Monkey Equals Outer Space
Grandmother Divided by Monkey Equals Outer Space
© 2014 Valley Press   |    Bridge illustration by Jeremy Hopes
R E C E N T   B O O K

24th April 2015
For Humfrey Coningsby – lord of
the manor of Neen Sollars in South
Shropshire – the world was a place
of wonders and despair, of love
found and then forsaken. He walked
out of this world on 10th October,
1610 – and now he walks back in.
Trumpeting the arrival of
Humfrey Coningsby
Humfrey Coningsby
L A T E S T   B O O K
3rd July 2015
Nigel Gerrans was the first VP poet,
with collections published in 2009
and 2010; now we're delighted to
present It Is I Who Speak: Selected
Poems, which includes the majority
of those books - and some previously
unpublished work from his archive.
The very best of the 'original' Valley Press poet
Nigel Gerrans
R E C E N T   B O O K

6th March 2015
Seahouses is the first collection of
poetry from cultural historian
Richard Barnett. Those familiar with
Barnett’s non-fiction will be
unsurprised to discover he is also
a formidable poet; read a sample and
more on the book's homepage now.
Set sail for Seahouses, our latest poetry debut
R E C E N T   B O O K
23rd January 2015
Six years in the making, All is the
second collection of new work from
the popular Canadian-born writer.
These poems are both fragile and
robust, touching and unsparing; you
can read a sample and more details
on the book's homepage now.
Introducing All: new poetry from Robert Powell
R E C E N T   B O O K
24th April 2015
Jo Reed’s second collection offers
readers more of her trademark mix
of memory, myth and magic; poems
that take us from 1960s Soho to
Ithaka, by way of a ride on a turtle's
back, 'fathoms deep' in the ocean.
Read a sample and find out more.
Take a Life Class this spring,
with art-inspired poetry
Life Class