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On the Cusp of Greatness

by Mark Waddell

the man who struggled

with spotting the obvious

had never heard

the sound of a falling possum


and in its own kinda way

it was

quite beautiful


the impact of course


he tried to resuscitate it

pumping away

at its little heart

and kissing those

funny lips

its broken body

limp in his arms


but to no



from then onwards


was sad in his life


he couldn’t

get the sound of the falling possum

out of his




now being aware of such things


he heard

the beautiful sound again

and turned around

just in time

to catch

another falling possum


this time saving its life


the man now understanding

why the bridge

he walked under every day

was called

suicide possum bridge.




by Mark Waddell, from On the Cusp of Greatness (£7.99, £2.99 Kindle)

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