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Section A: Submissions

Q1: I submitted my manuscript during the most recent submissions window, which closed on the 31st July, but haven't heard your final decision yet. What does this mean? When will I hear?

A: It means we haven't made our mind up! We've been able to narrow down the possible publications to around 80, as of mid-October, from 600-ish enquiries... but, to avoid getting too far ahead, we are aiming to choose just six to take forward. So we still have some work ahead of us. We won't forget you.

Q2: I have a new manuscript that I can't wait to show you – when will the next submissions window open?

A: We haven't set a date yet. Practically speaking, it will be when we are actively working on the six titles accepted from the previous period, which will be a fair while yet considering we haven't decided on them! Check this page for the latest developments, or sign up to our newsletter and get the news sent straight to your inbox.

This page is a work in progress – watch this space!

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