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Lucky Dip

by Catharine Boddy

Thoughtful and hilarious poetry, perfect for 7-11 year olds.

Dip into this book of children’s poetry and take your pick. Will you find one to make you smile ... or make you think?

Within this mixed-up selection you'll find such terrors as a dragon under the bed, dinner ladies (yikes!) and a cereal-loving dinosaur. You might glimpse a fox, if you open that page quickly enough, and you'll find helpful poems to read out loud if you ever lose your passport, or haven't quite got round to brushing your teeth yet...

"Catharine Boddy is a highly-gifted writer whose poems cover a wide range of experiences: she skilfully communicates the child’s voice, and can be humorous, or reflective, or richly descriptive. These new poems will be greatly appreciated by children, and deserve to reach the widest possible audience."
— Wes Magee


Catharine Boddy was born in Norfolk, and now lives in Scarborough, where she works as a teacher. Her poems for children have appeared in dozens of popular anthologies, and September 2016 saw the release of her first solo collection, Lucky Dip.

When not writing, Catharine sings – in the bath, in the car, and sometimes in a choir – and enjoys fast cars, having driven a Lotus Elise at 100 miles an hour.


Edition: Paperback

Date Published: 2016-09-15

ISBN: 9781908853790

Catalogue Number: VP0096

Number of Pages: 38

Cover design by Jamie McGarry

Cover illustration by John Taylor

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