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Front Lines

edited by Dan Formby

‘Listen,’ she said. ‘What’s your number? Can we just do the rest of this conversation in texts?’

In 2011, Manchester-based Creative Writing student Dan Formby approached Valley Press with a concept for an anthology of short stories; on the theme of 'anti-conventionalism, anti-society, and young people's anger at the world that has been left by the generations before us.' A national search followed, with submissions strictly limited to writers under 25. Front Lines presents the winning selection, in print for the first time.

Contributors include Felice Howden, Nathan Ouriach, David Whelan, Ryan Whittaker and our own James Mcloughlin, with the editor offering an introduction to the collection and an original short story of his own.

The selected stories are uncompromising, vital and gripping – frequently, but not irredeemably, dark, and a fascinating insight into the minds of creative, socially engaged young people living in the 21st century. Rich with contradiction and authenticity, morally unstable narrators relate tales of society (lost and found), wars (global and personal) and summits (physical and emotional), with a range of voices as diverse as the young adults who created them. This is writing from the literary front line: a unique chance to discover six writers from a generation that will shape our future.


Edition: Paperback

Date Published: 2012-11-23

ISBN: 9781908853103

Catalogue Number: VP0024

Number of Pages: 58

Cover design by Jamie McGarry

This project was supported by funding from the
NAWE Young Writer's Hub

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