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Zachariah: The Boer Diamond

by Malcolm Colley

'It’s funny how people pray at the end, instead of the beginning.'

The Second Anglo-Boer War, 1902. Leaving home to join his family in battle, young Zachariah Barron is thrown into a world of danger and uncertainty; where the ties of family and brotherhood are essential for survival. Things are further complicated when ‘Sakkie’ is given a diamond by a mysterious Tswana tribesman – and finds he must draw on every ounce of his ‘bush sense’ to escape the ambush, deceit and greed waiting for him around each turn.

Malcolm Colley’s first novel takes the best elements of the Western genre and moves them to a new landscape: the rugged, war-torn Boer Republics of the early 20th century, faithfully recreated here from the smallest historical detail to the great wheel of history turning in the background. A self-described ‘thinking man’, the voice of ‘Sakkie’ – our hero and narrator – is captured perfectly, displaying a careful mixture of wisdom and innocence. The question is: will that be enough to bring him through this epic adventure alive?


Malcolm Colley was born in Nigel, South Africa, in 1942, and spent his teenage years on a small farm in the north, near Naboomspruit. He later served in the army, and was trained in the 1st Special Services Battalion.

He practiced martial arts for 25 years, and although his main profession was working as a Project Manager, his first love remained the sights, sounds and smells of the bush. He now lives in Sussex, England. His first novel Zachariah: The Boer Diamond was published by Valley Press in August 2013.


Edition: Kindle exclusive

Date Published: 2013-08-30

Catalogue Number: VP0041

Number of Pages: 214

Cover design by Jamie McGarry

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