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An Anniversary of Flight

by Patrick Lodge

'He stepped out into the deserted road ... and opened his palms to the darkness.'

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Patrick Lodge is a keen traveller. This is not, though, a book of travel poems; in his first collection, the Yorkshire- based poet uses the dislocation produced by travel to reflect his own displacements of growing up, family life and adult relationships – his own search for a “home” that might be lived in comfortably and at ease.

His prizewinning poems – which have been published in magazines and anthologies in England, Wales, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the USA – are enjoyable for their relish of language and their generous sense of what poetry can accommodate and achieve. The great subject of this collection is memory; in service of this, the author displays a masterful ability to step backwards and forwards across the world, and through history. As we journey from Australia to Ireland to Italy, from the late 19th century to the 1950s and into the present, Patrick and the reader are brought back time and again to the only question that matters – how am I different from when I started off?

"Patrick is a poetic craftsman. Whether memory or observation, in poem after poem we find skilful language and imagery that stays in the mind. An excellent first collection and well worth a place on the discerning reader's bookshelf."
— Graham Rippon, Carillon

"The images in this impressive first collection sneak up suddenly on the reader, a sudden recognition of something familiar, seen in a new way, viewed from a different angle ... Highly recommended."
— John Murphy, The Lake

"Patrick Lodge is a poet who is never trivial or merely fashionable. His work is distinguished by its plenitude, depth, and truth to experience."
— David Cooke, The North

"There are poems here to engage as well as to admire. Achingly descriptive, his subject matter various - the past, other places, other poets ... Some poems are right in every word ... so very well told."
— Sam Smith, The Journal


Patrick Lodge was born in Wales, lives in Yorkshire and travels on an Irish passport. His poetry has been published, anthologised and translated in several countries including India, Australia, the USA and Vietnam. Recent competition successes include a commendation in the 2018 Gregory O’Donoghue International Competition, plus shortlistings for the 2018 Leeds Poetry Peace Prize, the inaugural Trim Poetry Prize in 2019, and the Poetry On The Lake competition 2019. He won the Red House Poets/Blackwater poetry competition, 2019. He has read by invitation at poetry festivals and events in the UK, Ireland, Orkney, Kosovo and Italy.

His first collection An Anniversary of Flight was published by Valley Press in 2013. His second, Shenanigans, followed in 2016, and a third, Remarkable Occurrences, in 2019.


Edition: Paperback

Date Published: 2013-10-03

ISBN: 9781908853301

Catalogue Number: VP0047

Number of Pages: 58

Cover design by Jamie McGarry

Cover illustration by Jane Poulton

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