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Little Quakes Every Day

by Caroline Hardaker

Click here to watch the virtual launch event for this book, with live illustrations by Chris Riddell, and guest readings by Jo Brandon and Russell Jones.

In Caroline Hardaker's first full-length collection of poetry, readers will find tales of human evolution and natural laws, of technology, of the world's problems and the twisted inventions we create. Each encounter takes a host of characters to the brink of epiphany – sometimes they’ll burn bright, and sometimes they’ll fall apart.

Step into a world of explorers, philosophers, automatons, wild things, and the ghosts that dwell deep in the heart of the earth itself.

From the author: “The poems in this collection have been developed over a three year period, in which I wanted to explore the nature of discoveries, and how they impact our everyday lives. One of the main topics I write about is memory and cultural memory, and I wanted to explore how folklore and history are repeated throughout time. Humanity is currently at a turning point in environmental terms – and I think it’s important to understand mistakes of the past so we can try to not repeat them. I’ve balanced these larger questions with everyday ‘kitchen sink’ encounters, to demonstrate that both have a huge impact on our lives.”

“Hardaker is a rising talent; she hunts for what it means to be human. This first collection looks at the world and the creations we make to keep moving through the little quakes that shake every day. Clear, concise, inventive and sharp, these poems burn like shooting stars.” – Angela Readman


Caroline Hardaker was born in the North East in 1986, and has lived there ever since, mostly in Newcastle. Her poetry has been read live on BBC Radio and published in numerous anthologies and magazines, including MagmaThe Interpreters HouseShoreline of Infinity, and in anthologies from The Emma Press. When she’s not writing poetry, she’s also a novelist, occasional librettist, and fibre artist – her sculptures have been sold to collectors around the world. You'll normally see her carrying a backpack, just in case she's swept off on an adventure.

Caroline’s debut pamphlet, Bone Ovation, was published by Valley Press in 2017, and a full-length collection, Little Quakes Every Day, followed in November 2020. Her debut novel, Composite Creatures, was published by Angry Robot Books, and was chosen as Best Science Fiction of 2021 by the Washington Post.


Edition: First

Date Published: 2020-11-09

ISBN: 9781912436460

Catalogue Number: VP0166

Number of Pages: 96

Cover design by Jamie McGarry

Cover illustration by Ben Hardaker

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