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Beyond the Walls 2020

An anthology of new fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction from students at York St John.

For writers, walls are challenges to be overcome: put a barrier in their way and they will tunnel under it, vault over it or simply blast their way straight through it. In Beyond the Walls 2020, a new generation of writing talent will be given their chance to do just that.

In the latest edition of this much-loved anthology, Creative Writing students from York St John University present the very best fiction, non-fiction and poetry to emerge from the revolutionary 'Centre for Writing' initiative; a beacon for independent literary publishing in the North. Readers, prepare to have your expectations demolished and your hopes restored: the next wave of UK literature starts here.

“York exists as a city that blends the old and the new, creating a hybrid city-scape that alters the city and the people within it. York St. John University itself is a perfect example of this merging of matured and modern. The world changes and we are forced to change with it. In a time of extreme uncertainty, we look to things more solid – we look to words on a page. We look to words written by those long dead and fresh-faced alike, in an attempt to give us the comfort we need to get through hard times. Themed by contemporary change, this anthology showcases the talent that York St. John University has to offer, and reflects on the perspective required in an ever-changing world.

Take the step, go Beyond the Walls.”

— Student Editorial Team


Edition: First

Date Published: 2020-07-01

ISBN: 9781912436422

Catalogue Number: VP0162

Number of Pages: 98

Cover design by Bronte Rockliff

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