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Their Lunar Language

by Charlotte Eichler

A debut pamphlet, filled with the poetry of humanity and nature.

A young couple wonder whether family life would be easier if they were cuttlefish. A father and daughter communicate through moths. A child embraces the power she has over creatures smaller than herself. A town finds itself at the mercy of a polar bear...

In her debut pamphlet, Charlotte Eichler explores human relationships through our ambivalent interactions with the natural world. Navigating many literal and metaphorical islands along the way, her poems form an archipelago of ideas, taking us on an unforgettable journey from the Hebrides to the Norse heavens.

‘Charlotte Eichler grabs the twisting, female narrative and confidently fits colours and stories into new bodies. These poems are almost anthropomorphic – half girl, half beast – and I'm excited to follow whatever she writes next.’ Jen Campbell

‘Their Lunar Language infolds named and imaginary, near and far-flung places. It assembles a disquieting array of feminine characters, later bringing in masculine figures of tenderness and fragility. This creates a powerful authorial perspective, not mistakable for any other voice. Brides and cuttlefish, wayward or broken forms of love, woodlands transposable with human manufacture: this is modern pastoral, not nostalgic, and well beyond the ordinary domestic lyric.’ Vahni Capildeo

‘Every time you feel like you know where you're headed with this gorgeous-looking pamphlet something comes along and jabs you in the neck. Whether the little girl with her collection of tortured insects, the brooches of milk teeth, or the unchanging views of Prague in the red View-Master – there’s a kind of spooky dream world here, full of uncomfortable detail, beautifully rendered. More please!’ National Poetry Library


Charlotte Eichler was born in Hertfordshire in 1982 and now lives in Yorkshire. She has an MA in Norse and Viking Studies and works as a bibliographer at the University of Leeds. Her poetry has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies, including PN Review, The Rialto and Stand.

Her debut pamphlet, Their Lunar Language, was published by Valley Press in July 2018.


Edition: First

Date Published: 2018-07-31

ISBN: 9781908853981

Catalogue Number: VP0115

Number of Pages: 30

Cover illustration by Felicity Hall

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