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Quantum Theory for Cats

by Ian Stuart

A debut pamphlet, ideal for readers with ‘a sense of sadness as sharp as their sense of humour.’

In Quantum Theory for Cats, York-based poet and ghost trail guide Ian Stuart ably chaperones us through the winding snickelways between bitter beauty and sweet ugliness. After hearing from both of Schrödinger’s pets, we witness spontaneous tears in a bookshop, watch an ambulance arrive through a crack in the curtains, then spend time with saints, artists, doppelgangers and the unborn.

Treading nimbly between wit and profundity, this long-overdue collection from an intriguing new voice in UK poetry takes readers on a brief but invigorating excursion through the humour and tragedy of life.


Ian Stuart was born in Lancashire in 1945, and has lived in Leeds, Manchester, Derbyshire and on the Isle of Man. After thirty years in the teaching profession, he now works as a Ghost Trail Guide in York. His poems have been widely published in Yorkshire-based journals and magazines, and a debut pamphlet, Quantum Theory for Cats, was published by Valley Press in December 2017.


Edition: First

Date Published: 2017-12-01

ISBN: 9781908853905

Catalogue Number: VP0107

Number of Pages: 36

Cover design by Jamie McGarry

Cover illustration by Ben Hardaker

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