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Within You, Without You

by Sara O'Donovan

A debut mystery uncovering long-buried love and loss.

Kathryn Johnson’s life is at a standstill. Stuck in a lacklustre marriage, the spark that once burned so brightly within her has since been snuffed out by the monotony of the everyday.

Returning to England after many years of living in Ireland, she is shocked to discover a familiar face on the side of the road one dark and stormy night. But a person can’t just reappear like that. Not when they’ve been dead for twenty years.

Uncovering long-buried memories of first love and its devastating loss, Kathryn returns to the past to see if she can rewrite her present. But love divided by time is a complicated equation to solve.

* * *

"An engaging, Sliding Doors-style tale of love and loss." Rachel Donohue

"A wonderful and moving love story. An accomplished novel of joy, passion, loss and years of regret. A real debut triumph for Sara O’Donovan." Tadhg Coakley

"This stirring evocation of love, Liverpool and the mysteries of time kept me gripped me from the first exquisite word to the last." Denyse Woods

"This is a wonderful debut novel from Sara O’Donovan. She writes beautifully and there is such a sense of compassion for her characters." Carol Drinkwater


Sara O'Donovan spent her early years in England, brought up in the worlds of horse racing and show jumping. She moved to Ireland in her late 20s and now lives in County Cork with her husband and young family. A former equestrian journalist, she now manages the West Cork Literary Festival in Bantry.

Her first novel, Within You, Without You, is published by Valley Press in November 2022.


Edition: First

Date Published: 2022-11-17

ISBN: 9781915606037

Catalogue Number: VP0205

Number of Pages: 336

Cover and text design: Peter Barnfather
Commissioning editor: Jamie McGarry
Copyeditor: Jo Haywood

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