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Trace Elements

by Nigel Forde

New collection from the veteran poet.

In Trace Elements, his first collection in eight years, Nigel Forde takes us on a quintessentially English journey through life and memory, exploring love, landscape, music and those difficult moments we all share but few can put into words. Though there is great sadness along the way, it is beautifully balanced with fine humour – the yin and yang of a life well-lived.

This powerful collection of poems deals with the darker side of childhood and throws light on the sinuous intricacies of music; a subject notoriously difficult to write about, but tackled here in several illuminating sections. It is also, at its heart, a paean to the English landscape; its beauty, its mystery and its soul-soothing qualities.


Nigel Forde was born in Leeds in 1944, and currently lives in York. He spent many years working as a professional actor before becoming a writer. Previous publications include Teaching the Wind Plurals (Robson Books, 1991), A Map of the Territory (Carcanet OxfordPoets, 2003), The Choir Outing (Carcanet OxfordPoets, 2010) and A Motley Wisdom (Hodder & Stoughton, 1995). His first collection for Valley Press, Trace Elements, will publish in March 2018.


Edition: First

Date Published: 2018-03-02

ISBN: 9781908853912

Catalogue Number: VP0108

Number of Pages: 128

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