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Char March

Char March grew up in Scotland’s run-down industrial belt in the 1960s, and now divides her time between the Yorkshire Pennines and Lochaber. She is a multi-award-winning author, with five poetry collections, six BBC Radio 4 dramas, eight stage plays, a screenplay and a short story collection to her name, as well as creative non-fiction. She lectures at universities throughout the north, and has served as a writer-in-residence across the UK and Europe.

Her new collection, Full Stops in Winter Branches, was published by Valley Press in November 2018.


Full Stops in Winter Branches

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In this, her fifth collection, Char March searches for hidden nests of humanity within the cold, bare branches of politics, and gives a voice to the voiceless (both human and otherwise). She expertly immerses us in the landscapes and soundscapes of her twin homes of Scotland and Yorkshire – and, whether visiting the depths of Leeds’ sewers or tasting the Hebrides sea, never strays far from the sharp humour and eye for detail that her readers have come to expect. This is poetry at its very best, highly-involved writing that seems effortless; a feast of fantastic literature to warm your soul, whatever the season.

‘I love Char March’s poems. This is a fantastic collection, powerfully evocative and full of lyrical emotion.’ Francesca Martinez

‘These poems made me pay attention – and laugh. They’re wry, pithy and downright funny. They unpack into serial astonishment: each poem doorsteps you with its distinct voice and attitude.’
 Graham Mort

‘These are tender poems: tender about the repair-worker's touches to a church, the ex-soldier's feel in his lost hands, the hawk's descent on its prey. Nothing goes un-noticed and much goes celebrated, for all its pains and real weight of life, lovingly called to mind.’ Atar J Hadari

‘To read the work of Char March is always a pleasure; a rare example of a poet who never forgets her reader.’ Deborah Alma

‘These are marvellous poems; immediately engaging, witty, moving, funny and caustic they are underpinned throughout by a warm and perceptive humanity. This is a collection I will return to again and again.’
 Jo Haslam

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