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Peter Spafford

Peter Spafford was born in 1956, and lived in London, Manchester and Hull before settling in his current home, Leeds. His plays (musical and otherwise) have been performed throughout the country, and have occasionally graced the airwaves of Radio 4. He is a founder member of the band Schwa, is currently Director of Spoken Word at East Leeds FM, and does a variety of writing work in prisons, schools, museums, and hospitals. He was longlisted in the 2015 National Poetry Competition.

His first collection, Quick, was published by Valley Press in May 2016.



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Quick is the first collection of poems by Peter Spafford, a professional writer for more than twenty years, appearing in print here for the first time.

By day, Spafford writes scripts for theatre, radio, musical theatre and opera. His poems are, out of necessity, creatures of the night; all the pieces in this collection dodged the searchlights and crept under the wire in the last five years. Exhibiting a bold playfulness with language and a stunning lightness of touch, these poems explore topics as diverse as the Yorkshire landscape, the joys and despairs of parenthood, and the surreal escapades of a horse in Tesco. They are rich, funny, and often breathtakingly poignant. A virtuoso performance in three parts, the lyrical musicality of Quick is played out in delicate changes of tempo that reflect the swell and ebb of human experience.

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