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David O'Hanlon

David O’Hanlon was born in Portsmouth in 1987, and is now based in Northumberland. His poems have appeared in The Rialto, And Other Poems, Acumen and Dream Catcher, amongst others. His debut pamphlet art brut was published by 'V.' Press in 2015, and a first full collection, History, was published by Valley Press in February 2016.



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In David O’Hanlon’s first full-length collection, precise, piercing language illuminates tales from actual, mythical and personal history – making all three seem immediate, contemporary and universal. It features love poems and elegies, coming-of-age poems and myths; poems which reduce a lifetime to an instant and expand an instant to a lifetime.

Readers will hear how ‘four unacquainted deaf men published near-identical essays deconstructing the assumed importance of sound’, find new ways of reading the stories of Orpheus, Sisypus, Tantalus et al., and learn of a young man’s twelve-year struggle to paint an authentic picture of the sky.

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