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Joan Lakin

Joan Lakin was born in Leeds, in 1946, and has lived in Bridlington most of her life. She started writing shortly after her retirement, and Valley Press published her book for young children, Sid the Seagull, in 2012.


Sid the Seagull

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Sid, a young seagull, is a nervous bird and terrified of heights – which is a big problem when you're learning to fly. Can he overcome his fear and become a fully grown seaside seagull?

Joan Lakin, a first-time writer, based this charming story for young children on a true sequence of events that she witnessed happening on a neighbour's rooftop in Bridlington. Children will learn the value of overcoming adversity to discover your true self, and gain a new appreciation for this oft-maligned seaside resident (if adults would like to do the same, consult David Agnew's seagull-themed poetry collection, also available from Valley Press).

The author is donating all her royalties from sales of Sid the Seagull to the Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice, so should you purchase a copy, you will be supporting an extremely good cause – as well as broadening awareness of the issues faced by young seagulls on route to the sky...

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