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Steve Rudd

Steve Rudd was born in East Yorkshire, England, in 1980. He is a keen traveller, and has explored over seventy countries to date. He has written extensively about his experiences 'on the road', and was a runner-up in the 2010 Travellers’ Digest Young Writer of The Year Award.

In July 2011, Valley Press published the first collection of his travel writing, Pulse, which saw Steve sweeping through India, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia in search of 'truth and beauty'.



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Renowned travel writer Steve Rudd heads East for this collection of his trademark punchy, pithy reports, previously seen in such publications as Time Out and The Guardian, but available in collected, chronologically-ordered form for the first time in this Valley Press publication.

Pulse sees Rudd on his fifth ambitious, shoestring adventure, sweeping through India, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia in search of 'truth and beauty', and reporting on the full range of people, places and landscapes to be found in that extraordinary part of the world.

Somehow managing to be philosophical and meditative as well as action-packed and hair-raising, this is a truly unique look at Asia, and a chance to see the world on foot (unarguably the best way) without leaving the comfort of your settee/deckchair.

'A testosterone-fuelled Eat Pray Love with as much comedy as drama, and as much profundity as adventure ... 2011's most exhilarating journey of discovery.'
– Time Out

'If Jack Kerouac could read Steve Rudd's writing, he would surely be grinning in his grave.'
– Travellers' Digest

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