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Daniela Nunnari

Daniela Nunnari graduated from York St John University with a BA and MA in Literature and Creative Writing. She has led poetry workshops for children and adults, and worked frequently with Inspired Youth, helping young people to process and share their experiences of social issues, through poetry. She has had many poems translated into classical musical compositions and has recently been published in the Rowntree Park 'Words from a Bench' project. Her first collection, Red Tree, was published by Valley Press in April 2012.


Red Tree

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Red Tree is the debut poetry collection by an exciting Yorkshire-based writer. Readers familiar with the poet's work will find her key motifs of trees, birds and the elements present throughout the book, extended – like branches – across an overarching and universally recognisable narrative of love lost, love found and love treasured.

In this generous selection of forty-five poems, the writer combines flavours of Italy and Japan with distinctly English landscapes, and weather – wind that 'sings and sighs', skies that 'bled grey', thunder that 'rattles brittle windows', and weather that, let into the house, 'blasts the dust that hides on every shiny surface.' The poems also reflect Daniela's love of other art forms, with a dozen poems inspired by particular paintings, installations or music – even Bon Jovi makes an appearance, wishing wistfully on a 'paper tree'. Insightful, lyrical and touching, this is a collection that deserves a place on bookshelves throughout the world – especially yours.

'Daniela's verse is crisp, passionate, full of hope.'
— Jack Mapanje

'A debut collection that comes fully formed, its neat, tight poems clicking together like a skeleton. Forensically examining the minutiae of a life lived with perhaps too few layers of skin, the verse at first appears delicate and brittle, yet on closer inspection proves to be tough, hard-edged and set to run.'
— Oz Hardwick

'Tightly woven, passionately lyrical and everywhere suffused with an elegant and subtle music. To read these poems is to feel suddenly in touch with the natural world, but this collection is more than a hymn to the pastoral. Red Tree is a chronicle of growth, from life's pitfalls to its ultimate joys. A timeless first collection from a rare poet.'
— Steve Nash

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