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Kate Fox

Kate Fox is a poet, performer and comedian. Born in Bradford in 1975, she has been poet in Residence for the Great North Run and regularly for Radio 4’s Saturday Live since 2007, as well as at the Glastonbury Festival in 2013. Her work has been commissioned by Radio 4’s From Fact to Fiction, Radio 3’s The Verb, BBC2’s Daily Politics Show, Radio 2’s Grimm Up North and many others.

2013 saw the publication of Kate’s new and selected poetry collection Fox Populi, from Smokestack Books, and the premiere of Kate’s one-woman comedy Good Breeding, about the choice not to have children, at the Edinburgh Fringe. Kate originally trained as a radio journalist, and her first story to be broadcast nationally involved a dead frog found trapped in a bag of lettuce in Whitley Bay.

As part of Kate's residency at Glastonbury 2013, she produced two new books - a short collection of poems (Jagger's Yurt) and a Dan Brown-esque thriller (The Glasto Code, with award-winning thriller writer Alfie Crow). Through the miracle of technology, Valley Press was able to publish these new works as ebooks on the last day of the festival.

Kate was involved in celebrating the Tour de France's visit to Yorkshire in July 2014, and joined forces again with Alfie Crow to produce a sequel to The Glasto Code, entitled Tour de Force, once again published by Valley Press on the last day of the festivities.


Glastonbury 2013 eBooks

Legendary northern poet Kate Fox was Poet in Residence at the 2013 Glastonbury Festival, held between Wednesday 26th and Sunday 30th June. Determined to make the most of her time, Kate produced two new books during the festival, which Valley Press was delighted to digitally publish immediately, on Glastonbury 2013's final day.

The first book, Jagger's Yurt, contains all twelve poems Kate produced during the festival as part of her residency – according to Kate this is 'reportage in poetry', collected by 'roving the festival searching out stanzas'. The perfect festival souvenir, this book will allow you to relive it all; whether you were stood in a field watching the Stones, or watching on the telly at home.

Then we have The Glasto Code, co-written with thriller writer (and fellow performance poet) Alfie Crow. A funny, fast novel of suspense and intrigue, it of course bears no relationship to anything written by Dan Brown – except for a long hidden code, a pyramid, and something very, very important that needs to be found.

"Something is buried in a field in Glastonbury, and the words of a dying prisoner send an out-of-his-depth young priest – and the festival's Poet in Residence – on a race against time to crack the code and find the secret. But they're not alone..."

Mostly written during the festival itself, the book is the first in a series of 'Makin News' novellas, to be produced and published during real live events, featuring real live people. Are you in it? Were you there? If you weren't, this novella will make you wish you had been.

Tour de Force

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In a race against time, interspersed with the first two stages of the 2014 Tour de France in Yorkshire, a journalist and a vicar attempt to foil a robbery orchestrated to unfold during the 'Grand Depart'.

Will Jess Makin and Reverend Ray be able to outwit Antonia Gruber and her four daughters? Why is Octavius Bosomthwaite determined to hang onto the contents of his metal box at all costs? Are our heroes as doomed as Mark Cavendish’s Tour de France hopes...?

Find out in this brand new comic crime novella, sequel to last year’s Kindle-exclusive classic The Glasto Code; written (once again) in record time by poet Kate Fox and thriller writer Alfie Crow, during the 'Grand Depart' festivities in Yorkshire.

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