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Tom Preston

Tom Preston was born in Kettering, Northamptonshire in 1989. He studied philosophy and politics at Oxford, and taught English in state secondary schools in the UK, before completing a Masters in education at Harvard in 2014. He is based in Nottingham and currently works for education charity Teach First.

In January 2011, aged 21, Tom was diagnosed with stage 4 advanced aggressive lymphoma, with his chances of survival estimated at around 40%. His book telling the story of the months that followed, The Boy in the Mirror, was published by Valley Press in September 2015.


The Boy in the Mirror

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Shortlisted for the East Midlands Book Award 2016. Audiobook version now available.

In January 2011, aged 21, Tom Preston was diagnosed with stage 4 advanced aggressive lymphoma. His chances of survival were optimistically placed at around 40%. This short, autobiographical work tells the story of the fight in the months that followed – but this is no ordinary cancer memoir.

The Boy in the Mirror is written in the second person – so the events in this book are happening to you, the reader, living through the hope, love, suffering, death and black comedy encountered by Tom during the battle to save himself.

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