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Winston & Me by Mark Woodburn
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'This sir, is our problem: Private James Melville of Edinburgh.'
B U Y   T H E   B O O K
VP0039   //   Published: 19th October 2012

A teenage soldier's adventures at the side of his battalion commander, Winston Churchill, in the trenches of Flanders during the First World War and afterwards.

Lying about his age to join the army, poor Edinburgh teenager Jamie Melville comes to the attention of his battalion’s new colonel, Winston Churchill, who is seeking redemption in the trenches as an ordinary soldier after his resignation over the Dardanelles fiasco in 1915.  Jamie becomes the colonel’s new ‘batman’ (a.k.a. orderly) and is soon thrust into the line of fire.  Later, both are returned to civilian life, and when Winston returns to the cabinet, Jamie is offered a position as assistant to the new minister's private secretary and part time-literary agent Edward Marsh, who introduces Jamie to the artistic side of London life. Along the way Jamie falls in love with a nurse and makes contact again with his broken family, which will leave him with a difficult choice to make: stay with Winston, or leave and make a life of his own.

Mark Woodburn’s first novel is a fast-moving delight, meticulously researched, clearly a labour of love – early readers were convinced the book was a genuine memoir, and readers of the final edition may find themselves checking the small-print too.

Paperback page count: 320    /   ISBN: 9781908853172
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Winston and Me
Kindle Edition
T H E   A U T H O R
Mark Woodburn was born in Edinburgh, 1968, and grew up in Scotland,
Canada and South Africa. His colourful employment history includes work in forestry, pet food, ladies fashion...  (read more)
Mark Woodburn
Praise for Winston & Me:

"Woodburn offers an excellent portrayal of Churchill... a novel not to be missed."

— from the Winston Churchill Journal 'Finest Hour', Number 160, Autumn 2013, published by The Churchill Centre. (read the review in full)