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Poems for Pensioners

by Andy Seed

I was on the way

To wash the floor

When I saw the post

Inside the door;

I picked up a statement

From the bank

And remembered that cheque

From Cousin Frank

That wasn’t paid in

So I went to the file

Which was underneath

An enormous pile

Upon the desk

Where I left the cheque

But forgot to pick up

My reading specs,

So I fetched the glasses

From my coat

And that’s when I found

A scribbled note

To buy some milk –

I completely forgot!

So I put on my shoes

To walk to the shop;

But as I found my bag

To get some money

I detected the smell

Of something funny;

The kitchen bin

Was turning high

With mouldy cheese

And old fish pie,

So I took it outside

But on the way

I noticed some weeds

In the border display,

So I pulled them out,

Stifled a yawn,

Headed back inside

When I saw the lawn –

It was very dry and bare and grey

So I went for some water

But on the way

I noticed a mug

Left out by Jack –

Oh why can’t people

Put things back?

So I took it inside

Just through the door

And that’s when I noticed

The kitchen floor –

That needs a wash;

Best take off my rings –

It’s a good job that someone

Gets on with things.




by Andy Seed, from Poems for Pensioners

(£7.99, £2.99 Kindle)

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