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Some Things Matter:
63 Sonnets by James Nash
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VP0038   //   Release date: 5th October 2012

In 2009, having attended a workshop on sonnet-writing, Leeds-based poet James Nash took home a half-finished effort and worked it up into a well-received romantic gift.  Intrigued and inspired by the framework offered by the Shakespearean sonnet, he wrote another, and another...
By Christmas 2011, James had spent the intervening period writing almost nothing else - and had produced more than one hundred and sixty sonnets in total.

Some Things Matter is the end result of this process: the finest sixty-three examples edited and ordered by the poet, and collected in print for the first time by Valley Press.  By turns philosophical, satirical, warm and bittersweet, the finished sequence spans the full gamut of the human experience - seasons change, friends (and pets) are lost and found, and everything grows older (sometimes gracefully).  Any reader will find much to identify with and enjoy within these 882 lines; a landmark achievement in the career of a great Yorkshire writer.

Paperback page count: 72   /   ISBN: 9781908853042
Some Things Matter: 63 Sonnets
T H E   A U T H O R
James Nash is a writer and poet.  A long-term resident of Leeds, he is a well known
provider of creative writing workshops in schools, universities and in the community...  (read more)
James Nash
"How hard it would be to open that chart,
Retrace the journeys which led to this heart."

B U Y   T H E   B O O K
Praise for James Nash:

"[Nash] illuminates, wonderfully, the small details and the large issues of life, love and language... magical and memorable poems: poignant yet rich with humour, and underpinned, above all, by a great humanity."
— Sarah Waters, Booker-shortlisted novelist

"The sonnets of James Nash's wonderful new collection are love poems of maturity, not just in their assured technique but also in their subject matter. Nash makes plenty of room for humour too... I cannot recommend it strongly enough."
— Ian Duhig, three-times T.S. Eliot Prize shortlisted poet

"James Nash's poetry is a thing of beauty: subtle, unpretentious, moving."
— Justin Cartwright, Booker-shortlisted novelist

"The best poetry collection I’ve read in years... the range is immense... emotional and deeply moving in places, but never sentimental."
— Ian Stuart, York-based poet (read full review here)


If you should ever go, my heart would break,
Leaving a house of empty rooms behind.
If you should go, be careful what you take,
Some things matter, but others I’d not mind.
So take the books, the CDs and the fridge,
The pictures from the wall, the bathroom sink,
Take the front garden, and the laurel hedge,
For these are not important things, I think.
But leave your imprint upon the pillow,
And the faded tee-shirt you wear in bed,
Leave the battered sofa, and its hollow,
On the arm, where you always rest your head.
For if you should go, there is no doubt,
In truth, it’s you I could not do without.

Early morning, as I make my escape
Towel-wrapped from the bathroom shower,
Stopping briefly when I see the shape
Of my wet foot-prints on the floor.
My toes, the soles and heels of my two feet,
Like something from a children’s story book,
With perfection in the silhouette,
As if an autograph, my own true mark.
When I return I find that they have nearly gone,
Dried up and leaving just a watery tear,
To vanish later in the morning sun;
And I wonder what I’ll leave behind me here,
How light the traces I have made since birth,
Evaporating on the sun-baked earth.

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