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Some Things Matter:
63 Sonnets
James Nash
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Since their first publication in 2012, James Nash’s sonnets
have delighted thousands of poetry readers and listeners
across the globe. Philosophical, satirical, warm and
bittersweet, the sixty-three poem sequence spans the full
breadth of the human experience; and can be enjoyed
afresh in this second edition, which includes a handful of
new sonnets, as heard on BBC Radio 3 in 2014.
Praise for James Nash and his sonnets:

“James Nash illuminates, wonderfully, the small details
and the large issues of life, love and language. These are
magical and memorable poems: poignant yet rich with
humour, and underpinned, above all, by a great humanity.”
— Sarah Waters

“The sonnets of James Nash’s wonderful new collection
are love poems of maturity, not just in their assured
technique but also in their subject matter. Nash makes
plenty of room for humour too ... I cannot recommend it
strongly enough.”
— Ian Duhig

“James Nash’s poetry is a thing of beauty: subtle,
unpretentious, moving.”
— Justin Cartwright
'How hard it would be to
open that chart,
Retrace the journeys which
led to this heart.'
About the Author
Edition: 2nd, Paperback (2014)
First published: 5th October 2012
ISBN: 9781908853042
Catalogue number: VP0038
Number of pages: 80
Category: Poetry

Cover photograph by Kevin Hickson
Cover design by Jamie McGarry
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Some Things Matter: 63 Sonnets