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Sea Swim
John Wedgwood Clarke
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Throughout 2011, Sea Swimmers swam in Scarborough's
South Bay as part of imove, the Cultural Olympiad
Programme in Yorkshire. They were led bravely into the
waves by poet John Wedgwood Clarke, whose eighteen-
poem sequence inspired by this experience was collected in
book form and published by Valley Press in April 2012.

The poems explore the fluent, fragile and sometimes
agonisingly pleasurable relationship between the swimmer,
the land and the sea around Scarborough; how swimming
transforms the way we feel ourselves to be in our bodies,
and the liberating effects these changes have on the
imagination. Sea Swim may be as close as you can get to
swimming in the sea without donning a wetsuit.
Praise for John Wedgwood Clarke and Sea Swim:

"His work is amongst the best to have emerged from new
poets in this country over the past two or three years."
— Simon Armitage, on JWC's shortlisting for the 2010
Manchester Poetry Prize

"I am thrilled to be patron of this simple and simply
beautiful idea. Poetry is going down to the sea again."
— Carol Ann Duffy
'Your wake complicates mine.  /  Our footprints dream in the tide.'
About the Author
Edition: 2nd, Paperback (2014)
First published: 16th April 2012
ISBN: 9781908853066
Catalogue number: VP0029
Number of pages: 32
Category: Poetry

Cover photograph by Lara Goodband
Cover design by Jamie McGarry
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Sea Swim