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Lives of Lilo
Felix Hodcroft
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Meet Lilo – an inflatable, blue-and-red seaside accessory.
Being an inanimate object in a story grounded firmly in
reality, Lilo cannot talk, think or make decisions for himself;
so when he is blown from the hand of his first owner onto
the open sea, his fate (and survival) will be decided by
chance. Chance, ocean currents, and the actions – brutal or
tender – of the humans and animals whose paths he crosses.

As Lilo joins the huge fleet of flotsam travelling our globe, he
becomes the driving force in a narrative which extends
across hundreds of years, forwards and backwards in time.
Felix Hodcroft’s imaginative, lyrical first novel is written for
readers aged eleven to one-hundred-and-eleven; an epic
modern fable that provides a sweeping description of the
world (or worlds) in which we live, and proves that even a
lilo – even the dream, or the memory of a lilo – can have an
effect, significant or imperceptible, on the lives of all those it
Far ahead now, Lilo was
bouncing over the water
towards the open sea.’
About the Author
Edition: Paperback
Published: 14th September 2012
ISBN: 9781908853134
Catalogue number: VP0031
Number of pages:218
Category: Fiction

Cover illustration by Jo Reed
Cover design by Jamie McGarry
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