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The Dead Snail Diaries
Jamie McGarry
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About the book: The Dead Snail Diaries was a collection of
twenty-four poems on the subject of snails, with the majority
'translated' from the diary of an unfortunate member of the
species which the poet accidentally stood on. It includes
versions of classic works by poets such as T.S. Eliot, Ted
Hughes and Robert Frost (with a new, snail-ish twist) as well
as hilarious original pieces on subjects such as snail speed
dating, and relations between snails and the nation of France.

About this edition: This book was the last to be self-
published by Valley Press founder Jamie McGarry. Shortly
after this was finished, Jamie decided to try publishing
proper authors as a full-time job, and the rest is history.
Only 156 copies of this edition were printed, with one now
left in stock - which is why we're selling it for so much!
(Jamie will sign it too, of course.)

There was an even earlier edition printed in 2009, with just
ten poems, but this is so rare even we don't have one - it
looked like this. Fortunately the Dead Snails were properly
resurrected in 2014 by The Emma Press, with lovely new
illustrations, and you can buy that edition here.
Praise for The Dead Snail Diaries:

‘I really, really enjoyed The Dead Snail Diaries – a funny,
daft, strangely poignant collection, which is also a tribute to
the qualities of the slow, the small and the overlooked. It is
the best book of snail poetry I’ve ever read.’ — Kate Fox

‘These snail poems are not slow to appeal.’ — John Hegley
A tragic mix of slime and
About the Author
Edition: Paperback
Published: 25th April 2011
ISBN: 9780956251992
Catalogue number: VP0012
Number of pages: 92
Category: Poetry

Cover design by Jamie McGarry
Jamie McGarry
Jamie McGarry founded
Valley Press in 2008, and
continues to run it to this
day. Visit his homepage for
the latest JM news.
Buy the final copy of the 2011 edition for £86.70,
or get the 2014 edition from The Emma Press
The Dead Snail Diaries