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Madame Bildungsroman’s Optimistic Worldview

by Nora Chassler

Micro-essays and flash-fiction from one of the UK's most original contemporary writers.

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In this collection of ‘fragments, pensées and table-talk’, Nora Chassler turns her attention to the great questions of contemporary life and literature, aided by a papier-mâché mannequin named Madame Bildungsroman. Together, they exclaim visions and visitations, proclamations and protestations, fierce one-liners and bittersweet memories; each offering a unique insight into the mind of one of our most original writers.


Praise for Nora Chassler:

“Nora Chassler’s extraordinary Grandmother Divided by Monkey Equals Outer Space breaks all moulds ... it is a triumphant vindication of the edgy, eccentric demotic as a compelling narrative voice.”
— William Boyd, The Guardian

“Somewhere between Nabokov and Bret Easton Ellis ... Chassler’s characters elicit real emotion. Their stories grip you to the last and leave you wanting more.”
— Chris Dolan, The Herald



Nora Chassler was born in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1972, and grew up in New York City. She has an undergraduate degree in English from Hunter College, CUNY, in New York, and a Masters in Creative Writing from St Andrews. She has worked as a model and a social worker. She lives in Edinburgh.

Her first novel, Miss Thing, was published by Two Ravens Press in 2010. Her second, with the ambitious title Grandmother Divided by Monkey Equals Outer Space, was published by Valley Press in 2015. A collection of ‘fragments, pensées and table-talk’ titled Madame Bildungsroman’s Optimistic Worldview is forthcoming in July 2017.


Edition: Paperback / Limited Hardback

Date Published: 2017-07-20

ISBN: 9781908853820

Catalogue Number: VP0099

Number of Pages: 72

Cover design by Jamie McGarry

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