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Tony Howson
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B Y   T H I S   A U T H O R
Tony Howson was born in Slough, 1956, and spent his formative years in Yorkshire and Teesside.  He has worked widely as a journalist in both print and radio, and in 2011 was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Journalism from Uzhgorod University, Ukraine.  His poetry has been widely anthologised, and his prose has appeared in a diverse variety of outlets from the Northampton Mercury and Herald to The Guardian.

He presently works for BBC Media Action, living a uniquely international existence between Kyiv, Scarborough and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  He is married with three sons and a granddaughter.  His first book, a collection of poetry and travel writing, The Crow Road from Eden, was published by Valley Press in May 2012.
The Crow Road from Eden
25th May 2012

Tony Howson's first book is a
multi-course literary meal; an engrossing and passionate collection of poems, a travel memoir, and a critical study of poets (and poetry scenes) from across the globe.  (read more)
Shadow on a cliff wall in Wadi Rum
(from The Crow Road from Eden, Valley Press, 2012)

My shadow dances on the face of a mountain,
It moves to the heartbeat of a campfire.
My shadow is my past stretching before me
When the sun is at my back.
My shadow is my future; when long
It stretches to reach high points beyond me.
My shadow is small and still when I am standing
Still and in low light.
My shadow comes to life with a small candle
And dies in the dark.

The Crow Road from Eden
Tony Howson