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Sue Wilsea
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Sue Wilsea was born in Portsmouth in 1952, and now lives in East Yorkshire. During the last thirty years she has taught English in schools, colleges, libraries, community centres, prisons, and at present, on the part-time Creative Writing degree at the University of Hull.

Her writing has been widely published, broadcast and performed, and her accolades include being one of nine writers labelled ‘New and Gifted’ by the Jerwood/Arvon Foundation in 2010. She has won a BBC radio competition for multi-episode short stories, and been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize.

Her first collection of short stories, Blood Sisters, was published by Stone Creek Press in 1993, but is now out of print.  July 2012 sees the Valley Press publication of her long-awaited second collection, Staying Afloat, which contains many new stories along with a few classics back in print, subtly updated since their earlier incarnation - for example in the final piece, ladies who talked about "double glazing and microwaves" now discuss "solar panels and organic veg boxes".  The fact that only cosmetic updates were needed is evidence of how much remains the same in the world, but even more, a testament to the sharp, continuing relevance of Sue's writing - 'a great short story is a joy forever', as Keats might have said.

Find out more about Sue on her website, or visit the Staying Afloat page listen to one of her award-winning stories read by Dame Judi Dench.
Staying Afloat
2nd July 2012

Sue's first book with Valley Press collects nineteen of her finest short
stories; tales of men, women and children trying to keep their heads above water...  (read more)
Staying Afloat
Sue Wilsea