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James Nash
James Nash is a writer and poet. A long-term resident of Leeds,
he is a well known provider of creative writing workshops in
schools, universities and in the community, and is regularly called
on as a host of literary events - including the Ilkley and
Scarborough Literature Festivals, and various Valley Press
launches since 2011.

James was first published by Valley Press in April 2012, with the
release of A Bit of an Ice Breaker: Selected and Uncollected
Poems. This digital-only publication collected the poet's favourite
pieces from his first three (non-Valley Press) books, along with
recently commissioned, previously uncollected work.

October 2012 saw the release of James' most ambitious collection
to date - Some Things Matter: 63 Sonnets. After spending most
of the previous three years writing in the sonnet form, James
had generated a hundred and sixty pieces (more than
Shakespeare himself!) - the final publication collects the sixty-
three best efforts, a number chosen to celebrate the poet's sixty-
third year of existence.
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Sample poem


They ask me to go to the cinema with them,
and I go, touched that as a couple
they are prepared to share.

I sit with them,
all of us munching and chatting,
not feeling at all like a gooseberry
until the film starts
and they somehow get closer,
and while they are watching
occasionally touch each other on the leg.

It looks nice, friendly even;
I consider for a moment just joining in,
putting my hand on one of their knees,
but stop myself just in time.
Then I look at the legs of strangers down the row
and wonder whether they would like it.
It could be a bit of an ice-breaker.

But I rein myself in;
and instead touch one of my own legs,
and rub it lightly in a clockwise direction.
It feels surprisingly good;
but just in case anyone is looking,
I pat my leg fiercely
and stamp my foot down hard
as if I’ve got
pins and needles.

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