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David Agnew
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David Agnew was born in Northern Ireland, 1944, and currently lives in Leeds.  He has been writing poetry for the past decade, and his poems have appeared in a variety of magazines and anthologies, including two from Valley Press: Patterns of Hope and the Leeds Writers Circle Anthology 2011.

His acclaimed first collection Walking into Eternity (Flux Gallery Press, 2006) was followed by the book-length prose poem First I Dreamt the Journey (2008) and Belfast via Bedlam (2010).  2012 saw the publication of his first book with Valley Press, There Are No Such Things As Seagulls, which collected poems written in recent years on visits to Whitby, North Yorkshire.
There Are No Such Things As Seagulls
5th July 2012

David's VP
debut is a collection of sixty poems inspired by, about, or written in the North Yorkshire seaside town of Whitby...  (read more)
There Are No Such Things As Seagulls
David Agnew
Herring Gull
(from There Are No Such Things As Seagulls, Valley Press, 2012)

I watched the seagull
strut across the beach,
gunslinger walk,
John Wayne personified.

Sized up the swan,
decided first
to make his point,

and then discretion
in the face
of superior aggression;

backed off
and walked away
but the strut remained.

Did you see that,
how I showed him
I could almost hear him say.