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Cara Brennan
Cara Brennan was born in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, in 1990,
and currently lives in Newcastle. She has recently graduated
from the Newcastle University Creative Writing MA with

Her poems have appeared in magazines including Ink Sweat &
Tears, The Cadaverine, Pomegranate, Diamond Twig and
Myths of the Near Future.

She is a proud graduate of the Writing Squad, where she
completed the ‘Stanza Stones’ project with Simon Armitage. Her
debut poetry pamphlet, Destroyed Dresses, was published by
Valley Press in 2012, and was a Read Regional choice in 2014.

Books by this author
Sample poem

Missing The Walk at Nab Hill

Sleek men stole copper from the train tracks.
Their sly pluckings leave my carriage stranded
just outside Alnwick.

I’m late into Howarth
so watch the hills from this hotel car park;
the splendour of their height,

trace the soft outline of them,
recall your frame.
The way you stretch on your side,

defy the fierce morning. The surface of these fells
is a fine layer of hair,
your chest is covered with similar moss.

Cairns are positioned like Jenga pieces,
they cleave the wind.

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