Sarah Holt is a London-based
journalist, novelist and travel
writer. Valley Press published
her debut novel Love and
Eskimo Snow - a masterpiece
of post-modern chick-lit - in
April 2014. Read on.
Sarah Holt
Valley Press
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— Valley Press Authors —
Valley Press is the home of independent publishing in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. On this page, you'll
find introductions to every author (or co-author) of a Valley Press book, in order of publication, with the
most recently published authors appearing nearest the top-left. Illustrators, editors of anthologies, and
contributors to anthologies are profiled on the page for their particular book - see the books page.

John Wedgwood Clarke is a
poet based in Scarborough.
VP published Ghost Pot, his
debut collection, in 2013, as
well as two pamphlets: Sea
Swim (2012) and In
Between (2014). Read on.
John Wedgwood Clarke
Miles Salter is a writer,
musician and storyteller
based in York. VP published
his first collection of poetry
The Border in October 2011,
and his second, Animals, in
September 2013. Read on.
Miles Salter
Mike Di Placido is an ex-
professional footballer and
England Youth International;
now a poet based in North
Yorkshire. VP published A
Sixty-Watt Las Vegas in
September 2013. Read on.
Mike Di Placido
Alfie Crow is an award-
winning thriller author, and
co-writer of the 'Makin News'
mysteries; two volumes of
which (The Glasto Code and
Tour de Force) have been
published to date. Read on.
Alfie Crow
Matthew Hedley Stoppard is
a Derbyshire-born, Leeds-
based poet and librarian,
whose publications include
A Family Behind Glass (2013)
and Cinema Stories (with
James Nash, 2015). Read on.
Matthew Hedley Stoppard
Michael Stewart is an award-
winning novelist, playright,
lecturer and poet. His
innovative first poetry
publication, Couples, was
published by VP on 14th
February 2013. Read on.
Michael Stewart
Malcolm Colley lives in
Sussex but was born in South
Africa. Valley Press
published his first novel
Zachariah: The Boer
Diamond, a Boer War
Western, in August 2013.
Malcolm Colley
Mark Woodburn, born and
based in Edinburgh, is an
author of historical fiction.
His novels Winston and Me
(2012) and The Finest Years
and Me (2015) cover both
World Wars. Read on.
Mark Woodburn
Paul Sutherland is a Canadian-
born, Lincolnshire-based poet
and editor, with a long and
distinguished literary career.
His latest collection
Journeying was published by
VP in October 2012. Read on.
Paul Sutherland
James Nash is a Leeds-based
poet, author of several books,
including the hugely-popular
Some Things Matter: 63
Sonnets (2012) and Cinema
Stories (with Matthew Hedley
Stoppard, 2015). Read on.
James Nash
Adam Strickson
Felix Hodcroft is the author
of a collection of poetry (Life
After Life After Death, 2010),
a novel for children and
adults (Lives of Lilo, 2012)
and editor of A Pocketful of
Windows (2014). Read on.
Felix Hodcroft
David Agnew is a Leeds-
based, Belfast-born poet,
with several collections to his
name - including There Are
No Such Things As Seagulls,
published by Valley Press in
July 2012. Read on.
David Agnew
Sue Wilsea is a Hull-based
writer with thirty years of
experience teaching English.
Her latest collection of short
stories, Staying Afloat, was
published by Valley Press in
July 2012. Read on.
Sue Wilsea
Cara Brennan
Joan Lakin is the author of
our first book for young
children, Sid the Seagull,
illustrated by Evelyn
Kendell and published in
May 2012. She lives in
Bridlington, East Yorkshire.
Joan Lakin
Daniela Nunnari is a York-
based poet, workshop leader
and Creative Writing
graduate, whose first
collection Red Tree was
published by Valley Press in
April 2012. Read on.
Daniela Nunnari
Carl Potter is a poet,
journalist and Creative
Writing graduate, born and
based in East Yorkshire. His
debut pamphlet Form was
published by VP in April
2012. Read on.
Carl Potter
Tony Howson
Norah Hanson is a hugely
popular Hull-based poet,
with two collections published
by Valley Press; Love Letters
& Children's Drawings  in
2011 and Under a Holderness
Sky in 2013. Read on.
Norah Hanson
Steve Rudd is a travel writer
and journalist. Writings from
his latest epic journey were
published by VP under the
title Pulse in 2011, and a
second book, about North
America, is en route. Read on.
Steve Rudd
Jonathan Davidson is the
author of various collections
of poetry, and a prolific
writer of BBC Radio drama.
His latest work in both those
categories is Humfrey
Coningsby (2015). Read on.
Jonathan Davidson
Jo Brandon
James Mcloughlin is a young
writer of poetry and short
stories, born and based in
Southport. His first
collection of poetry, Encore,
was published by Valley
Press in May 2011. Read on.
James Mcloughlin
Deirdre McGarry is an East
Yorkshire-based poet; and
oddly, no relation to anyone
who works for VP! She is
one half of the team behind
poetry/art book Lonely
Destiny, published in 2011.
Deirdre McGarry
Helen Burke
Nigel Folds is an East
Yorkshire-based artist; the
only non-writer on this page,
earning his place by being
one half of the team behind
poetry/art book Lonely
Destiny, published in 2011.
Nigel Folds
Adam Strickson is a poet,
librettist, script-writer and
director. Two libretto (with
accompanying material, and
attached DVDs) were
published as Wingbeats in
December 2012. Read on.
Cara Brennan is a young but
widely-published poet, born
in Harrogate, now based in
Newcastle. Valley Press
published her debut
pamphlet Destroyed Dresses
in September 2012. Read on.
Tony Howson is a BBC-
affiliated print and radio
journalist, and a hardened
world traveller. His first book
of poetry The Crow Road
from Eden was published by
VP in May 2012. Read on.
Jo Brandon is an Essex-born,
Lincolnshire-raised poet,
author of a pamphlet (Phobia,
2012) and a full collection
(The Learned Goose, 2015),
both published by Valley
Press. Read on.
Helen Burke is a York-based
writer and performer with
two collections of poetry to
her name: The Ruby Slippers
(2011) and Here's Looking
at You Kid (2014), both
from Valley Press. Read on.
Patrick Lodge was born in
Wales, lives in Yorkshire and
travels on an Irish passport.
His first collection of poetry
An Anniversary of Flight was
published by Valley Press in
October 2013. Read on.
Patrick Lodge
Ron Southerton is a retired
Chartered Engineer, based
in Scarborough. Valley
Press published his
autobiography All Over the
Place: A Life in November
2013. Read on.
Ron Southerton
Kelley Swain was born in
Rhode Island and is now
based in London. She edited
Pocket Horizon in 2013, and
her 18th-century verse
drama Opera di Cera was
published in 2014. Read on.
Kelley Swain
Kate Fox is a poet, performer
and comedian; one half of the
team behind the 'Makin News'
mysteries. VP also published
poems written by Kate during
her residency at the 2013
Glastonbury festival. Read on.
Kate Fox
Oz Hardwick
Oz Hardwick is the author of
five collections of poetry,
including The Ringmaster's
Apprentice (2014). He is also
a photographer, a musician,
and a professor of Creative
Writing. Read on.
Robert Powell
Robert Powell was born in
Ottawa, Canada, and now
lives in York. He is the
author of two collections of
poetry; the second of which,
All, was published by VP in
January 2015. Read on.
Nigel Gerrans was the
'original' Valley Press poet,
with collections published in
2009 and 2010. A volume of
selected poems, It Is I Who
Speak, was released in July
2015. Read on.
Nigel Gerrans
Richard Barnett
Richard Barnett is a writer,
teacher and broadcaster on
the cultural history of
science and medicine. He is
also a poet, and his first
collection Seahouses was
published in 2015. Read on.
Nora Chassler
Nora Chassler grew up in
New York City and now lives
in Edinburgh. Her second
novel, Grandmother Divided
by Monkey Equals Outer
Space, was published by VP
in March 2015. Read on.
Jo Reed is a Scarborough-
based print-maker, artist and
illustrator, widely exhibited
since the 1960s; now a poet.
VP published her collections
Stone Venus (2011) and Life
Class (2015). Read on.
Jo Reed
Kris Mole is a travel writer
whose 'Great Euro Freebie
Challenge' - visiting twenty-
three capital cities without
spending any money - was
documented in Gatecrashing
Europe (2015). Read on.
Kris Mole
Tom Preston is a teacher by
trade, and a survivor of stage
4 advanced aggressive
lymphoma. His book telling
that story, The Boy in the
Mirror, was published by VP
in September 2015. Read on.
Tom Preston
David Hughes (1952–2011)
taught English Literature and
Language at St Peter’s School,
York for thirty years. Valley
Press published a collection
of his poetry, Ex Libris, in
November 2015. Read on.
David Hughes