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Felix Hodcroft

Felix Hodcroft is a prolific writer and performer based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Manchester-born, Oxford-bred, Felix gained degrees in English Literature and Applied Social Sciences, and worked as a probation officer in Birmingham, Hull and East Yorkshire – after detours into the worlds of civil service and grave digging.

He is renowned for his passionate, animated style of spoken-word performance, particularly as one half of ‘The Hull to Scarborough Line’, a double-act with fellow Valley Press author Sue Wilsea.

He is the author of Life After Life After Death (2010), a collection of poetry, and Lives of Lilo (2012), a children’s novel with adult appeal, both published by Valley Press. In 2014 he edited the anthology A Pocketful of Windows, sixty-six poems by writers from North and East Yorkshire. Felix was also the editor of It Is I Who Speak, a volume of selected poems by his friend and fellow poet Nigel Gerrans, published in 2015.


Life After Life After Death

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Death for the bomber crew limping back over the estuary? Life after death for the young woman buried under the trees, beneath the city? A lunch break after death – as decades, centuries break their moorings and collide with each other?

Life After Life After Death, originally published in 2010, is the first full-length collection by acclaimed poet and novelist Felix Hodcroft. Driven by an impressive control of narrative and characterisation, his poems shine a light into every corner of society – including yours – and consider familiar subjects as they've never been considered before.

Lives of Lilo

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Meet Lilo – an inflatable, blue-and-red seaside accessory. Being an inanimate object in a story grounded firmly in reality, Lilo cannot talk, think or make decisions for himself; so when he is blown from the hand of his first owner onto the open sea, his fate (and survival) will be decided by chance. Chance, ocean currents, and the actions – brutal or tender – of the humans and animals whose paths he crosses.

As Lilo joins the huge fleet of flotsam travelling our globe, he becomes the driving force in a narrative which extends across hundreds of years, forwards and backwards in time. Felix Hodcroft’s imaginative, lyrical first novel is written for readers aged eleven to one-hundred-and-eleven; an epic modern fable that provides a sweeping description of the world (or worlds) in which we live, and proves that even a lilo – even the dream, or the memory of a lilo – can have an effect, significant or imperceptible, on the lives of all those it encounters.

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