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About Valley Press
Valley Press is an independent publisher of poetry, non-fiction
and fiction, founded in 2008, and run as a full-time business since
January 2011. We are based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire,
UK, which we think is the most beautiful (and literary) place in
the world - you are, of course, entitled to your own opinions.
"The ever-enterprising Valley Press..."
– Yorkshire Post
VP publisher Jamie McGarry, in the office, day one

"...has a good eye for emerging talent,
and great care has clearly been taken
over the design of the books."
– Sabotage Reviews
Some of our wonderful books, circa May 2013

"A beautiful business."
– Lloyds TSB Enterprise Awards, 2012
Woodend, once home to the Sitwells - now, us

What is a publisher?

In this multi-faceted modern world, books can seem to be coming at us from a thousand different places; so we thought it might be helpful to state on this page what we consider to be the crucial things a publisher does.

  • Curation. In 2012, Valley Press received around 600 submissions from authors who'd written books and were looking for a publisher. That same year, we published 16 books. We narrow down this enormous expanse of writing so you don't have to; to make the literature we love known (and available) to its readership.

  • Investment. In a sense, publishing is venture capitalism - we 'invest' in a book project, paying for printing, design, copy-editing and distribution, hoping that the money spent will come back to us in vast quantities. It doesn't always work out like that!

  • Editing. They say 'every writer needs an editor', and you could put in the words 'experienced' and 'unbiased' in there too. Some books just need a few notes, some of them need working on line-by-line; and this is actually the area we spend the most time on.

  • Publicity/Sales. Publicity is the art of connecting books to readers, having the infrastructure in place to put the books in front of them - whether that's in a newspaper article, on the internet, at a bookshop or at a reading. This is often the hardest part of the job. Sales are what (hopefully) happen afterwards.

A publisher is not a printer or a designer - those are very different jobs requiring specialist skills. However, this was not always the case, and the use of the word 'Press' to describe a publisher is carried over from simpler days when most publishers also did the printing (and thus operated an actual printing 'press' - some still do).

The 'Valley', if you're wondering, comes from Valley Road, which our office looks out onto.
Photograph credits (top to bottom):
Poppy Smalley, David Chalmers, Jamie McGarry

Book Trade
For all trade orders, contact Central as below:

Central Books Ltd
99 Wallis Road
E9 5LN

Tel: 0845 458 9911
Fax: 0845 458 9912

Valley Press books are represented to the trade by Inpress, and distributed by Central Books. Contact details for the regional sales representatives can be found here.
A Short History

The story of Valley Press was recently told on VP founder Jamie McGarry's website - head there to get the full scoop. Though perhaps one day it will be the subject of a book in its own right?
Jamie McGarry